Schneeläuferin (snow runner), 2021

All photos @Museum Ostwall, 2022

Schneeläuferin (snow runner)


100% Wool, Cotton base, Latex back

What is a gender data gap? A gender data gap occurs when one gender is neglected in scientific research. It is mostly women who suffer disadvantages as a result. Crash test dummies are a well known example. They are used to research the effects of traffic accidents on the human body. The figures usually correspond in size and weight to an average, male adult body, to which the positions of the seat belts and airbags are then adjusted. – Bad for all those who are smaller, lighter or differently built on average. 

Hannah Cooke‘s carpet Snow Runner, on the other hand, shows how important it is to consider as many perspectives as possible in research. She refers to a study in Sweden that Caroline Criado-Perez cites in her book Invisible Women as one of many examples: As in most snow areas, the roads were cleared of snow first thing in the morning to allow commuting drivers (who are still predominantly men) to drive freely. On the other hand, the pavements, which are mainly used by those who take children to kindergarten or school or go shopping on foot (and these are still predominantly women), often remained icy until well into the morning. Reversing the order of snow shovelling shows that far fewer pedestrians had accidents, which has a positive longterm effect on health care.

Text by Dr. Nicole Grohte, Museum Ostwall, 2022

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