Ada vs. Abramović, 2018

Exhibition view, Städtische Galerie Villingen Schwenningen 2021

Ada vs Abramović


Slow Motion Video
Full HD

10 min

Baby: Ada Cooke
Abramović: Carmen Donet Garcia

Director of photography:
Tilmann Rödiger

Assistant Camera:
Adam Gawel
Jörg Stegmann

Special Thanks:
Alexander Theis
Seraphine Meya
Clemens Lauer
Max Guderian
Dominik Rinnhofer

The slow motion video shows Hannah Cooke breastfeeding her daughter Ada in an exhibition like setting. They are sitting in front of a woman in a red dress that looks like Marina Abramović in her performance “The Artist is Present”, which was shown at MoMA 2010. With this video work Cooke wants to set a positive counter statement to Abramovićs quote (see below) about the compatibility of maternity and art.

Tagesspiegel Nov. 2016:
“Did you never wanted to have children?”

Marina Abramović:
“No. Never. I aborted three times because I was convinced that it would be a disaster for my work.
We just have a certain amount of energy in our body that I should have shared. In my opinion, that’s why women are not as successful in the art world as men. There are lots of talented women. Why do the men take over the important positions?
Quite simply: love, family, children – all a woman does not want to sacrifice.”

Interview for Monopol Magazine with Ferial Nadja Karrasch