Just as the big ones, 2014

@Badischer Kunstverein

Just as the Big Ones


Performance, Aquarell, Canvas, Bread, Thread

4 Days á 4 hours

The performance took place during the member­ship exhibition at Badischer Kunstverein 2014.

The exhibition format invites every artist member of the Kunstverein to send in one work of art. Usually every work is accepted for the exhibition provided the format in size and weight is in accordance with the official guidelines. It is therefore not surprising that the quality and standards of the works vary greatly.
Jonas Beutlhauser and I decided to act like art students who go to the Louvre to copy the great masters in order to improve their skills. We worked on our copies for 4 days during the exhibition opening times.

In collaboration with Jonas Beutlhauser

Pictures by Carmen Donet and Karolina Sobel